2008 April

I was so funny I had myself in stitches!

April, 15, 2008 by: 0 Comments

Well, leave it to me to crack my head open open trying to make people laugh. I can’t even say that I didn’t expect it to happen. I knew it was going to happen…I even planned on cutting that part… but when I get going… There is NO stopping me! As the finale to my […]

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Man, That Flight Sucked!

April, 10, 2008 by: 0 Comments

Man am I tired! I flew American Airlines through Dallas to Valparaiso, Chile. Today was the first day of all the cancelled flights… luckily my first flight was okay. I got on in Las Vegas and made it to Texas just fine. I was a little worried since I had only an hour layover before […]

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I missed the Panama Canal!???!!

April, 02, 2008 by: 0 Comments

Yeah, you read that right… Let me tell you my story. After an exhausting flight from Las Vegas through Texas to San Jose, Costa Rica, I board the “Island Princess” anxious to be back for the second time on this ship with my first itinerary through the Panama Canal. When I board the Island Princess, […]

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